Policy & Rules

24 May 2014

SHL Rules

  • The league will run between May and September. 
  • Everyone will be rated and teams are divided evenly
  • OFFSIDES - the offensive team must clear the zone.  The defensive team only have 5 seconds to bring it out of the zone after possession.  Ref will blow the whistle to signal "game on".  The play doesn't have to start behind the net. 
  • ICING - There will be no stoppage.  The team icing the puck must allow the other team past their blue line.  The defensive team only has 5 seconds to bring it out of the zone after possession. 
  • No faceoffs unless there's a goal
  • During the last 2 minute of play, if and only if the game has a goal difference of 2, icing the puck will stop the clock until the opposing team passes the blue line. 
  • If the goalie smothers the puck the defending team has 5 seconds to move the puck while the offending team backs off around the face off circles.  Ref will blow the whistle to signal "game on"
  • Each team will be re-evaluated after the 4th and 8th game of the season (if necessary)
  • High caliber players are not welcome in this league.  They will be invited to leave.
  • 3 min warm up, two 22 min running time periods
  • No overtimes during the season
  • Game time is between 9pm to 12:15pm
  • Penalties are called.  All obstruction will not be tolerated
  • Fighters are automatically suspended for  one game until final verdict.
  • There's a zero tolerance policy.  Players can be thrown out of a game.
  • All stats will be displayed on a website
  • $ 275 / $ 285 per player:  16 regular games and 3 weeks of playoffs.  Refs and time keepers are being paid.
  • Each team has 14 - 15 players plus goalies per team
  • Each team will be assigned a goalie
  • Every team will make the playoffs
  • Prizes are awarded to each player at the end of the season.
  • SHL does provide it's own jerseys.
  • Champions will have their names engraved on to the SHL cup.
  • If teams have less than 10 players before the game, only the refs are able to sub in. 
  • Last year we gave away golf balls, custom mouth guard, basketballs, equipment cleaning.  It gets better each year. 

Playoff Format

  • Two 21 minutes running time periods
  • Offsides – Players of the attacking team must not precede the puck into the attacking zone.  When there’s a violation, the attacking team must clear pass the blue line.  Once the defensive gains possession (touching the puck) the game is live.  There’s no need to bring it behind the net.  Defending team must remember not to change the entire line.  The puck will become live if the puck is left alone for more than 3 seconds. 
  • If the attacking team deliberately shoots the puck behind the net after the offside, the player shall get a delay of game penalty
  • Icing – Different from regular season. There are faceoffs.
  • No timeouts allowed
  • the last 2 minutes of the 2nd period will be stop time when the score differentiate is 2 or less.  Clock starts when the team crosses the blue line.
    If the score remains tied, the game goes to 3 players shootout.  No players can repeat unless all players have gone.   If it remains tied, the shootout moves into sudden death. 
  • Players must avoid the goalies crease and contact at all cause. If player remains in the crease for more than 5 seconds, the ref will stop play. Any interference with the goalie will result in a penalty
  • Due to time constraints the game must start on time.  Please don’t be late..