These rules have been formulated to emphasize fairness, consistency, flow-of-play, and the non-contact nature of this league.
Game Start

Before start of the game: Captains introduce themselves to the Referee.  After, the Captain of the Home Team or Referee must open up with a word of prayer.

Timingor less

1.    2-minute warm-up followed promptly by two 22-minute running time periods.  Warm-up to start as soon as the rink staff closes the board doors.
2.    For Vic Park Ice Sports – Warmup for 2 minutes and we play 2 x 22 Minute Periods. Bayview and York Mills we play 2 x 25 minute periods.
3.    Stop time in the last 2 minutes of the game if 2-goal or less differential.

1.    If you fight (throwing a punch) or intent to injure the minimum punishment will be two games and may be more depending on the captains and hockey committee’s ruling. If you are a repeat offender, you will be automatically ejected from the league.


1.    Goalie freezing the puck:  Goalie’s team takes possession behind the goal line.  Other team should withdraw to behind the faceoff buttons but not necessarily out of the goalie team’s defensive zone.  Play begins when puck is moved beyond the goal line.
2.    Offsides:  Delayed and touch back in force.  Offside team to surrender possession, clear the zone, and wait for the other team to move out of their defensive zone.
3.    ICING to be only effective if you ICE the puck from your own zone. That is if you throw the puck in to the offensive zone, anywhere in the neutral zone, it will not be called icing.
4.    Puck out of play:  Possession goes to non-shooting team near where the puck went out of play.
5.    Faceoff on the center line after every goal.


1.    2 Minute penalties.
2.    Coincidental penalties result in 5-on-5 hockey.  Penalized players to return to their benches at the end of their penalties.
3.    Delayed penalties in force.
4.    Faceoff will take place at the face-off circle in the zone of the penalized team.
5.    Crease Rule:  all non-goalies in the crease will be assessed a minor, whether it was intentional or not.  A player who pushes another player into the crease will also be assessed a penalty.
6.    Interference, tripping, hooking, body checking, etc. will be called.  Interference involves not playing the puck and impeding the momentum of a player in a physical way.
7.    Lifting the stick is allowed, but holding your stick over another player’s stick with the Blade upside down is a hooking penalty.  All sticks should be kept below waist level.
8.    Fighting results in the player’s ejection from the game, an automatic 2-game suspension to be served for the next scheduled game, and a major for the player’s team.  A second fight during the season results in automatic ejection from the league.  No refund of seasonal fee.
9.    Referees are at their discretion as to whether a warning or a penalty may be assessed.
10.     All decisions can be appealed and adjudicated by the Committee, but must be submitted by the team’s captain.  

1.    All Player must wear a FACE Shield (Full face shield is recommended)
2.    Substitutes are allowed during the regular season if there are less than 10 players on the team, and if it meets the approval of the opposing team’s captain.  Guests must pay $15 per game.
3.    No substitutes are allowed during the playoffs, except for goalies.
4.    Goalies may be substituted in case of absence during the regular season and the playoffs.
5.    Each team is responsible for keeping their statistics, available through the website.
6.    If a team is missing a goalie, then they must play with six players until the goalie shows up. If the goalie does not show up before the end of the 1st period, then the game is a Forfeit, and the team with the missing goalie loses 1-0.
7.    If the team knows their goalie is missing and can’t get a replacement then the game is a forfeit 1-0 loss.
8.    Scores are submitted on the website.